Technical Books for 2024

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Technical Books for 2024

A list of technical books that I plan to read in 2024

I strongly advocate for learning in the public due to several compelling reasons:

  1. One or two people can learn from you.

  2. Builds up the culture of life-long learning -- learning never ends as long as you are alive.

  3. My main focus for sharing this is for the young folks coming after us, especially those in college right now. Don't waste your college life, some of the books I'm reading now I wish I read while in campus when I had so much time (I wish) and less pressures of life :)

Here is a list of books, God willing, I intend to finish reading in 2024 --

Please note that this is a lopsided list mainly due to my current system-engineering-heavy work. I encourage you to create your own too. For a good list of great recommended books, check this out: csklub/swe-essential-books: The canonical and partly opinionated list of books that every software engineer should read in their lifetime. ( You won't go wrong with any random pick from this list.

UPDATE: I'll be covering some these books on the blackbored. Youtube channel. If you would like to come over and discuss any technical book you are reading, send me an email on books [at]